Republicans: Masters of Masochism


In 2012, I voted for Barack Obama and I regret it. I voted hoping that in his second term, he’d be ready to be a little bit bolder, and bring about the change he promised. But instead, we have been left with an excuse for why Guantanamo is still open, a scandal in Benghazi and some National Security Agency (NSA) suits monitoring us online. Not to mention a healthcare bill that regardless of how much I like the idea was still rushed to make him look good for the campaign.

A bad presidency sets up for what should be an easy win for the Republicans in 2016. If you don’t think so just look at what George W. Bush did for the Republicans.

The GOP is wasting this opportunity by shooting themselves in the foot … repeatedly.

Shutting down the government because you don’t like a law is not a great way into voters’ hearts. It’s just turning people against the Republican Party. Sure, they can claim they tried to negotiate with the Democrats, but they only did so the day before the shutdown. While Democrats repeatedly invited them to discuss problems with the Affordable Care Act six months prior.

This childish attitude that Republican congressmen and women are so proud of may be winning them points in their districts, but not nationally, which is where it matters in a presidential campaign.

This attitude shared by Republicans is killing them on a national level. This is because only ultra-conservatives can survive in the GOP right now. Two problems are causing this that need to be addressed: districting and the tea party.

Have you ever heard of a super district? No, it isn’t a district full of super powered Republicans, as cool as that might be. Instead, it’s a district intended to only include a certain group of like-minded people—in this case, ultra-conservatives. With a district like this, moderate Republicans never have a chance. They will always be beaten by the loudest, most liberal-hating candidate. With districts like these littering the country, and now in Congress, it is no wonder that the government couldn’t avoid a shut down.

I tried my best to write this without bringing them up, but it just can’t be done. The number one problem with the Republican Party is the buffoons in the tea party – ultra-conservative, well funded and a “news” network in their pocket—a recipe for disaster. Whenever a moderate, or even open-minded conservative comes out against leaders in the Republican Party, or in favor of compromise, they are blasted and turned on by their own party. Good luck making it through the primaries without the tea party’s seal of approval. The moderate conservatives, that people like me may consider, will never even make it to the actual election.

Obama is giving the 2016 presidential election to the Republicans on a silver platter. Yet they are doing their best to not accept it.

And here I am in the middle. Having voter’s remorse for the Democrats and despising the current GOP. Maybe I’ll check out the Green Party in 2016.

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