PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Zombies turn three remaining humans, take victory


Photo Album – Imgur.

Participants in this year’s Humans vs. Zombies competition took a trip to the moon where they attended space camp. When an infection broke out, humans began turning into zombies. The number of zombies quickly multiplied until the surviving humans had a horde on their hands. Humans relied on nerf guns and socks to defend themselves. A hit from either would stun the zombie attacker for 15 minutes. The final Humans vs. Zombies mission took place at 3 p.m. Sunday. During this mission, the zombies could chase the humans anywhere they went. The humans were backed up in the library for 15 minutes before they made a break for it. By the time they got to the next check point, only three humans remained. After a desperate attempt to escape, all of the humans were turned into zombies and the game ended with a zombie victory.


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