Letter from the editor: The Journal focuses paper’s vision


The Journal’s editorial board and business office discussed who we are and what we want to accomplish as a team. The vision statement published on this page is what we as a group agreed upon.

We believe The Journal is a platform to inform our readers and educate ourselves — something that is extremely important to me.

We believe to do so, we must hold others and ourselves accountable.

We strive to challenge, develop, and inspire each other. We strive to produce coverage that engages and informs our readers while enhancing our storytelling.

We strive to provide content and advertising consistent with our readership. We strive to be better than we were a minute ago. We cherish one another and the memories we make along the way.

We strive to consistently provide meaningful information with context and accuracy as we evolve into a 24/7 newsroom. We print once a week, but we must remember we can publish online everyday.

We strive to give our readers the most current news. We want to let readers know what we know when we know it.

Our readership includes students, faculty and staff at Webster University as well as the Webster Groves community. We want to increase community coverage because what happens in the Webster Groves community affects those at Webster University, and we are confident we’ll learn from that as well.

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