Proposition P could benefit outdoor public areas around St. Louis


Proposition P suggests a raise in sales taxes in retail by 3/16 of a cent, according to’s voter guide. If approved, 30 percent of the taxes collected would go to an organization called Regional Trails, with support from the Green Rivers Greenway district. Another 30 percent of the taxes collected would support an effort to clean up the surrounding areas of the Gateway Arch. The final 40 percent of revenue will benefit parks around the St. Louis County and City areas. Proposition P would continue these funds for the next 20 years. This proposal will appear on the Webster Groves ballot on April 2.

The hopes of this bill are to help make public areas around the Gateway Arch and parks safer. These include renovations for easier access for the elderly and handicapped, cleaner grounds, and any additional repairs or expansions St. Louis parks may need.

This bill does include taxes on food and prescription drugs. In addition, Proposition P will be audited yearly to ensure its productivity.

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