Letter from the editor: Excused Absence

Brittany Ruess is the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal

Yeah, I have that feeling, too. That “something’s missing” feeling. It came to me as I edited the pages of this paper before going to press. News. Opinions. Sports. But this week, The Journal is without its Lifestyle section. As The Journal Editor-in-Chief and former Lifestyle editor, it’s certainly a sad feeling, but its absence is necessary. Due to understaffing at The Journal,  we are unable to produce a Lifestyle section, especially one of the high quality we expect for ourselves, every week. However, feature stories can still be found on our website, websterjournal.com, and sometimes in print. Editors can practice discretion with stories and choose to still publish stories normally found in the Lifestyle section. A good example of that is on the front page this week with a story, featuring alumnus Ashley Elzinga, also known as DJ Lux from the radio station 105.7 The Point KPTN-FM. These types of stories will be marked with a logo stating, “feature story.” The Journal will also make an effort to inform readers of when Lifestyle stories premiere on the website instead of print through teasers in the newspaper and online through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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