How to stop a bad guy with a gun: Take the gun away


In the wake of the Sandy Hook, Conn., shooting, gun regulation is at the forefront of the news — only slightly ahead our impending fiscal doom. Obama’s new plan on an assault weapons ban and heavier screening to buy a gun has the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its members clambering to stop Obama from taking their precious semi-automatic rifles. First, I’d like to dispel the NRA’s famous slogan “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” To quote a well-known mind of our time the cross-dressing comedian Eddie Izzard, “Gun’s don’t kill people. People do… but I think the gun helps!”
But the NRA and gun advocates argue that one can kill with anything from a knife to a car, or even homemade explosives. We can’t regulate homemade explosives because they are made of a multitude of household items. We can regulate guns.
And we accept a knife can be used as a lethal weapon but it also has nonlethal uses that are fundamental to our daily lives, such as cooking. A car could be used to run over someone to kill them, but a car is also necessary for daily commutes that we have to accept the dangers they pose. But assault rifles have no use outside of killing people and intimidation.
Notice I say assault rifles and not guns. Because unlike what many believe I’m a left wing socialist who expects hand outs from government, but I also believe in the second amendment and people’s right to defend themselves. But where does the second amendment end?
One person can say an assault rifle is necessary for their protection, but I say that C4 is necessary for mine. It sounds a little ridiculous but that is the point. We need to draw the line somewhere and I believe assault rifles are excessive in means of personal protection and are more of a threat than anything.
Obama’s proposed assault weapons ban and 23-point plan is all about prevention. Limiting clip size, forcing gun retailers to run more extensive background checks and more policing.
Next time you say we are taking away your rights when asked for stricter gun control think about how an extensive background check or limited clip size could save lives. If these laws keep firearms out of the hands of just one person who would commit another shooting I would say they’re worth it.
While the NRA views these logical steps as impeding on their rights their counter argument is this — let’s arm the teachers to keep kids safe. The NRA is forcing us back to a Wild West mentality where the only way to feel safe is to always be armed.
Let me propose another option ­— armed police officers and metal detectors. Teachers are not hired and do not train, and should not be expected to train to fight off an attack. Police officers are trained to deal with situations like these and are trusted by the public to deal with it.
Obama’s plan is nothing but an idea. Without the backing of congress, more specifically, the Republican House of Representatives, it’s all for nothing.
We can’t revert to the NRA’s thinking of the only way to stop a shooting is to shoot the shooter. We need prevention. We need safety measurements. We need to move forward as a society, not backwards.

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