December 4, 2020

Three students campaign heavily for SGA presidency

Student Government Association (SGA) presidential ballot features three new candidates who are running for the position. They are Alyssa Hegwood, Conrad Mbaziira and Michael Grosch.
The three have become creative in their campaigns, creating music videos and going directly to students to get their names out. Mbaziira, who ran for the position before, said he thinks this year’s campaign is even more competitive than the last time he ran.
With this election having more opponents and higher competition than in past campaigns, the candidates for president have to do more to get their voices out.

MAX BOUVATTE / THE JOURNAL One of the things I want to do is have more coalition building. I want more groups working together. When we do that, we’ll need better lines of communication between faculty, staff and administration and create a more united university.



I’ve been going around campus and campaigning to a lot of people, and it’s very surprising that a number of people - not just a few people, a number of people - that every time I ask them to vote for me for SGA (president) they’re like ‘What is SGA?’ There’s a gap there and it’s obvious. I believe I can fill that gap… With the skills I’ve acquired (working with organizations), I am capable of raising awareness for SGA to the point that in the next election when people are campaigning for elections people will say ‘I will vote for you,’ Instead of asking ‘What is SGA?’













Alyssa Hegwood

“There’s a few things (I want for SGA), like more cohesiveness with the members and better transitioning into new positions. Another thing I saw as a member on SGA was the students of Webster really don’t know what we’re about and what we do. I want SGA to be more publicized around the university and I want the students to be more aware of who we are, more excited about SGA and more involved.”

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