November 24, 2020

VIDEO: Dubstep DJ Cole Weiche

Cole Weiche started to act as a disk jockey as a hobby along side his audio major and time in a band. Instead of using vinyl records, Weiche uses his computer and software to create the beats and keep the party going.

Video by Joseph Bodenbach

Weiche spends most of his time in the audio labs and playing guitar, but Weiche makes a point to spend time with friends and doing what he enjoys.

Weiche has only recently started as a DJ, but he as already begun playing shows in the St. Louis area.

Cole Weiche plays guitar in the band "Worst Case Ontario"

“It’s just a hobby,” Weiche said. “I don’t plan on doing it forever unless I go big.”

Weiche performs private shows in his dorm room and some public shows at Webster University.

Why DJing?

Weiche is currently in the band “Worst Case Ontario” and enjoys the technical aspect of audio.

“I see these people dancing and people with energy, and I’m the one who is giving them this energy just by turning some knobs.” Weiche said.

Weiche enjoys mixing hip-hop and dubstep together to create a dance mix for people. Weiche finds mixing fun and enjoys making things fit together well.


Dubstep is a rapidly growing genre of music consisting of primarily bass and drums. When it began in Southern London, it was “house music” as Weiche put it, until it got into the clubs.

“It wasn’t even really a genre.” Weiche said. “Some guys just decided to make drum and bass music sound different.”

Weiche smiles as he DJs the Hawaiian Party in Sunnen Lounge

Tracy Bodenbach, audio professional and owner of Output Unlimited, has his own opinion of Weiche’s music.

“It’s mixed well,” Bodenbach said. “It’s processed pretty heavy, but who isn’t?”

Athough dubstep may not be his taste in music, Bodenbach understands that, even when he was a kid, people didn’t understand the music he listened too.

“When old folks heard Queen for the first time, they thought it was weird and that we were crazy. Now it’s a classic,” Bodenbach said.

Dubstep has become famous around the world with artists like Skrillex, who was awarded 3 Grammys for electronic music. If you would like to hear or download Dubstep music, you can visit

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