VIDEO: Charles “CIEJ” Jacobs dreams of hip-hop stardom


Charles Jacobs, Jr. recalls the first time he performed in front of a live audience. He was about 15 or 16 at the time. It was a talent show at the Mathews-Dickey Boys’ and Girls’ Club. He said both of his parents Charles Sr. and Angelus Jacobs were in the audience. They assumed that he would be shy on stage because of his reserved nature. He did better than they thought.

Video by Bridjes O’Neil

Jacobs at a performance during his freshman year at Webster University. Photo courtesy of Charles Jacobs

“My mom expected me to screw up really bad so that I could change my mind on being a rapper and pick a career more solid,” said Charles. It was at this moment that he began the transformation into ‘Ciej’.

The early years
Jacobs was a seventh-grade student who preferred to draw Dragon Ball Z characters instead of rap. It was not until classmates encouraged him to rap a few verses that rap became his new hobby. He was inspired by the positive response from his peers.

Jacobs’ mother urged him to follow his dreams. She gave her son the tools he needed to succeed. She downloaded computer software for him to make his own instrumental beats. Jacobs’ dad advised his son what not to rap about: cars, money and girls.

Jacobs greatly appreciated the support. He dedicated the song ‘Accelegenerated’ to his father and brother, who encouraged him to “take over the world.”

What’s next for ‘Ciej’

Jacobs a.k.a. ‘Ciej’ performed his song ‘Accelegenerated’ to a live audience at the The Gramophone in The Grove St. Louis area on March 1. He also performed it at Webster University’s Spiterature event held in the Sunnen Lounge on March 2. Both audiences responded with cheers of approval. Spiterature is an annual talent show event hosted by the Association for African-American Collegians. Jacobs said that he looks for any opportunity to showcase his talent.

Jacobs during his high school years. Photo courtesy of Charles Jacobs

Jacobs made a special guest appearance at the 12 Bar in New Orleans on March 24th. Muhammad ‘Mastermind Einstein’ Austin of Musical Mastermind Entertainment headlined the show. He said he first saw Charles perform at an album release party in December 2010. “I saw the passion and talent in his performance. I thought this would be a good opportunity for him,” said Muhammad.

Jacobs’ will self-publish his album ‘Next Time Tigers.’ “I’m releasing Next Time Tigers independently and on any blogs I can get my hands on really. I’ll also be handing them out at events, universities, hot spots.” Charles’ album can be downloaded on his personal website:

Click to hear ‘Cupid’s Bazooka’ by Charles ‘Ciej’ Jacobs

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