AUDIO: Author and professor discusses social privilege


Dr. Harry Brod, author and University of Northern Iowa professor, said he has the social privilege of being a straight, white male. He wants to motivate others to change the social norm.

“Change happens from person to person through communication,” Brod said.

Brod is a professor of philosophy and humanities at the University of Northern Iowa. He spoke to a crowded Sunnen Lounge Thursday, April 5. The Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs (MCISA) sponsored Brod’s talk. He educates people on masculinity (men’s) studies and spoke on behalf of the profeminist men’s movement.

Brod discussed how the foundations of social privilege could be undone. Chris Venable, junior secondary education and mathematics major, said it’s important to discuss issues regarding social privilege.

“At a University like Webster, it is important to talk about things,” Venable said. “I think we say that Webster is a diverse institution so we don’t have those problems, when really we do and they just get worse because no body wants to talk about them because we all say they are already fixed.”


Dr. Harry Brod at Webster University by wujournal

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