Editoral: Westboro Baptist strikes again


What some consider the most hated group in America made another appearance in St. Louis recently. On Monday, Feb. 6 the Westboro Bapstist Church (WBC) visited Clayton High School to protest Clayton’s Gay-Straight Alliance organization. As usually happens, a media frenzy followed. Television stations and news outlets covered WBC and the counter-protesters who outnumbered the members of WBC. The Journal was not exempt from this coverage.

As the student news soruce for Webster University, The Journal felt it was a pertinent issue to cover. Some readers may ask, “Why give this group coverage? Isn’t that just giving them the attention they want?”

The Journal is an unbiased news outlet that gives space to stories it feels are at Webster students’ best interest. There have been controversial issues covered in the past; that happens in the world of news.

While The Journal does not agree with WBC’s views and beliefs, we cannot turn a blind eye to these events. Those in the news media should not cover an issue with a preconceived notion or bias. Just give the readers the facts.

Hate it or love it, The Journal made the decision to send reporters to gather the facts and quotes from those present at the protest. WBC was showcasing its right to free speech, however unpopular it is, just as The Journal does every issue.

However, The Journal greatly commends the counter-protestors for displaying their First Amendment right and displaying their views on such a controversial issue in today’s society with a peaceful protest.

Fight for what you believe in. It’s what makes this country great.

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