VIDEO: Residential Housing Association Spooks Students with Haunted House


You enter a Russian orphanage where orphans are getting ready for bed. Then a nun comes out and kills one of the orphans after he or she begins to cry. From here, you are led on a mission of survival. This was the theme of this year’s

Residential Housing Association’s (RHA) haunted house. The mission consists of trying to save the soul of the person who was killed by going to a special fountain. When this is upended, the mission changes to finding a way out alive by escaping from zombies, killers and a crazy doctor as well as others.

This year was the fourth annual year for the RHA haunted house. RHA added the storyline to this year’s haunted house because it wanted to be sure people wouldn’t be leaving talking about rooms that other people hadn’t been to yet.

This storyline was created by freshman RHA representative Sage Featherston. He took on the responsibility of planning the haunted house to showcase what he can do.

“I knew that this would get my name out there as far as what I can do so if I have to apply for another organization or run up for an office,” Featherston said. “It was kind of a test and a display at the same time, to test if I could do it and if I did it then it was a display of what I can do.”

The Pearson House was turned into a haunted Russian orphanage.

Students ran the haunted house as well as planned it. Nikki Wanner volunteered and played Michael Myers from the “Halloween” movies.

“It’s awesome,” Wanner said. “I love scaring people on Halloween, it’s a great holiday for it. It’s what it’s about. Dressing up, hiding in the corner, just getting the initial reaction from people is just priceless.”

Early on, Featherston was worried about people coming to the haunted house. But the last hour and a half had a large line and went nonstop. RHA made changes to the haunted house so it could be handicap accessible as well as appropriate for all ages. Featherston said that the changes were last minute, but he was happy that things worked out.

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