Tungate twins lead women’s tennis to win over Lindenwood-Belleville

Webster University women's tennis
Webster University junior Lindsey Hays strikes a backhand during the Gorloks’ 6-3 win over Lindenwood University-Belleville on Oct. 8 at the Webster Groves Tennis Center. Webster finished the fall season with a 7-1 record. PHOTO BY VICTORIA CASWELL

The Webster University women’s tennis team defeated Lindenwood University-Belleville 6-3 on Oct. 8 at the Webster Groves Tennis Center. The victory improved the Gorloks’ record to 7-1 as they finished the fall season.
Seniors Allison Tungate and Paige Tungate and freshman Marissa Lewis all won their singles and doubles matches.
Paige Tungate said she played her best tennis of the fall against Lindenwood.
“This weekend I thought I played the best I have all season,” Paige Tungate said. “I was finally hitting my forehand the way I’d want to hit it. It was good to end the fall season with a good match.”
Allison Tungate trained hard over the summer to prepare for the fall season, and it paid off.
“I worked out a lot in the summer time,” Allison Tungate said. “I’m playing with a lot more confidence this season. I was hitting the ball harder and being more aggressive. I was waiting for my opponents to make the mistakes.”
Similar to her sister, Paige Tungate’s summer training has showed in how she’s played.
“I worked really hard over the summer,” Paige Tungate said. “I really could tell I’ve improved so much. It was a good feeling knowing I could go out there, be really dependable and have the coach know I was going to win.”
Siener said the team played well in the fall season, and it’s a good sign for the spring season.
“We haven’t had a lot of fall seasons in the past,” Siener said. “That was probably as good as it gets to come out 7-1. I thought it was pretty impressive. This could be a special year. We’re heading in the right direction, and we have a pretty good chance to win the league.”
The team will practice on indoor courts in the offseason, something that wasn’t always available.
“In years past I’ve never had the availability of indoor courts,” Allison Tungate said. “So this year I’ll be able to play from now until spring.”
Webster begins the spring season against Lindenwood University-Belleville on March 3, 2012, at the Webster Groves Tennis Center.

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