VIDEO: Brian Jun Debuts His New Film ‘Joint Body’ at His Alma Mater, Webster University


Webster University alumnus, Brian Jun, is a man of many titles. Most importantly, Jun is a 2001 graduate who has made himself an award winning director, screenwriter, producer and film editor. The Webster alumnus came to the Winifred Moore Auditorium on Friday, Sept. 23, to show his new film Joint Bodystarring “Lost” actor Mark Pellegrino.

Jun’s keys to film industry success involve finding your own path and staying true to it. Throughout the question and answer panel after the film, a handful of students were able to pick his brain about how to succeed after graduation.

Making Gold from the Silver Screen

Jun left for Los Angeles with his Film Production degree while the diploma was still warm in his hand.

“I wanted to get away from my parents as soon as I could,” Jun teased as his parents sat in the audience.

His success can be listed with awards and producing movies with big name actors. One of his biggest accomplishments involves his Sundance Channel Emerging Director Award he received in 2006 at the St. Louis Film Festival for his film, “Steel City.” The film had great beginners acclaim, with stars like America Ferrera signing onto the project. Jun is hoping for the same kind of success with the release of “Joint Body.”

[pullquote]”I’m sorta hoping for that same beginners luck I had with Steel City,” Jun said.[/pullquote]

Jun’s success can be measured in awards, but for film students he has tips on how to make a good reputation in the film industry. Aside from his outgoing nature and motivation, Jun knows the struggles of being a film student fresh out of college.



‘Joint Body’ Debuts with a Round of Applause

Between Homecoming Weekend and the Cardinals game, the turn out for Jun’s “Joint Body” screening included a handful of Webster University students, faculty and staff, along with a few members of the St. Louis community. One viewer was particularly touched by the realness of the plot line.

“I have a brother who is in jail and I could really relate to the pain the characters were feeling in the movie. It gave me the connection I was searching for,” said an attendee who wished to remain anonymous.

The film will be released to wider audiences later this month. To see an extended interview with Director Brian Jun, click on the video below for advice on making it in the film industry and to find out more about Jun’s love for making movies about criminals.

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