College Prowler website invites students to rank Webster’s campus life


Posters on campus advertising   the website College Prowler are encouraging students to fill out a survey that ranks Webster’s campus life. This survey offers $1,000 scholarship to any student that attends Webster.
Students on campus were aware of the survey when Jamie Pope, a sophomore double majoring in English and political science with a minor in German, started posting signs in Eden Library.
Pope is interning with College Prowler as a contributing author and her job is to make a guidebook about Webster through the use of surveys.
“These responses, in return, will help make a guidebook of Webster University and will be published throughout the country,” Pope said.
College Prowler asks students about a variety of subjects about Webster.
One section of the survey has students rating about the age of the buildings on campus, classrooms and spaciousness of the university.
Other sections of the survey ask students to give a detailed description of the facilities on campus, health and safety on campus as well as Greek life.
“Surveys like this are done to ensure that we have a representative sample of student responses,” said Luke Skurman, CEO of College Prowler.
Pope tries her best to get students to log onto College Prowler and take the survey, but the survey has a bonus attached to it. Students who fill it out for the first time are entered into a drawing scheduled Sept. 30. But students who refer others to take the survey are entered into the drawing again. This betters their chances at winning the scholarship.
Erin King, a senior double major in studio art and advertising and marketing communications, was surprised about some of the questions asked.
“I was surprised that the survey asked so much about ranking parties, night life,” King said. “But I do realize that that can be a motivating factor for some to go to a university. It wasn’t in my case, but it’s definitely real.”
Pope said that some students who have taken the survey stated they feel satisfied on campus even though there aren’t any local clubs surrounding the area.
“Webster University is a great school, very diverse and very open to everyone,” Pope said. “From what I have seen, Webster seems to do a good job of helping the students have a positive college experience, from tutoring to resume building experiences.”
Webster is ranked at 28 on Prowler’s  Best Colleges list.  Fontbonne University is ranked at 66 and Saint Louis University (SLU) is ranked at 90.
“Webster University was chosen because we’re always adding important new schools to our list,” Skurman said.
After a student is done filling out the survey they can continue providing more information about Webster.
Students can upload photos of the university and give more school reviews. College Prowler also offers other unique opportunities for students by matching surveys to the information provided when students sign-up.
“(After having participated in the Officer’s Summit for the past 4 years) I have learned that every Webster student has an opinion about some aspect of Webster, good or bad. I do believe that our opinions can help either recruit new students, or inform students to the point that those students that would have transferred out would know ahead of time whether Webster is a good match for them,” King said.
The aim of the survey is to tell the true nature of the campus by the people who know it better the most, the students.
“I love Webster, but I really am not comfortable saying it is ‘perfect,’” Pope said. “I want others to decide that for themselves.”
Log onto to share personal opinions about Webster.

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