Bowling retains spot as Webster’s most popular intramural sport


Other intramural sports don’t compare to the buzz and participation of the widely-popular spring bowling league. Basketball, flag football and intramural volleyball, which are programs made available to students by Webster University’s Campus Activities department, don’t have the high rate of participation that bowling does.
“It’s bizarre,” said John Ginsburg, director of the University Center. “The interest level of bowling is amazing, and it is off-campus. Bowling is without a doubt our biggest intramural event.”
Bowling has an eight-week schedule with 24 teams competing Thursdays at Crestwood Lanes from 10 p.m. to midnight. The league has 120 participants; five bowlers on each team.
“I couldn’t drag students out to bowl at other schools, and they had their own lanes,” Ginsburg said. “Bowling is different in St. Louis. I don’t know if it’s the region, commuting or what.”
Students who signed up for spring bowling needed to do so early. All 24 team spots were taken within the first four hours of sign-ups. Flyers and Facebook messages were used to get the word out, but it hardly seemed necessary.
“It’s crazy; there is such a rush when sign-ups come around,” said Candace Hall, University Center graduate assistant. “We can’t build more lanes, so we have to limit the participation.”
Other intramural sports have their limits as well. Flag football is played on Sunday afternoons at Eden Seminary. Intramural volleyball and basketball are played in the Grant Gymnasium.
“Don’t get me started on space,” Ginsburg said. “We absolutely need more space.”
Ginsburg said the UC is typically booked from 6 a.m. until midnight every day. The UC prioritizes facilities in this order: athletics, classes and then recreation. Plans are in the works UC expansion, but nothing is imminent.
“We really need a second gymnasium for meeting rooms, food services, coach’s rooms and recreation,” Ginsburg said. “We need a ballroom-type of facility.”
Although intramural basketball was successful in the winter, there were limitations.
“We received requests from several participants to extend it beyond the four to five weeks,” Hall said. “We could not accommodate because we are so limited on space.”
Campus Activities sponsors a number of events, including concerts, fashion shows, films and intramural sports. There is a limited staff and a limited amount of funding.
“We could use extra help so things would run smoother,” Hall said. “We need people to assist us in the games, rosters and sign-ups.”
Ginsburg said intramural bowling has been a part of Webster for 10 years. Ginsburg sees it as more of a social experience than a competition.
Senior Ryan Fassler said it’s all about having a good time and being with friends.
“No one is worried about their scores,” Fassler said. “You get to hang out with your friends and the networking is great. The opportunity to partake in adult beverages makes it appealing, and the social aspect is great.”

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