Letters to the Editor: Prop B


I’m pretty sure you are familiar with Proposition B, voted in as law 11/02/2010. In Prop B there is no reference to cows, pigs or any other farm animal – as many say. Please point out to me what part of Prop B that will put responsible dog breeders out of business.

There are no extraordinary measures required in Prob B and responsible breeders already have these measures in place. (Note the word “responsible.”) There are dogs in puppy mills run by irresponsible breeders. The dogs spend their entire lives in cages too small to turn around in. If you can’t afford to provide adequate food, water, shelter, a minimum of vet care, exercise and human interaction, then get out of the business.

Why are you raising animals to be sold as pets? This is America, land of the free – even for dogs. The proper treatment of these breeder dogs is a simple issue of common decency. That’s all. Please remember that the only thing necessary for bad things to happen is for good people to sit by and do nothing.

Don’t sit by. Call/email your State Rep.

Robert M. Shettles,


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