May 29, 2020


Like it or not, Americans need Al-Jazeera

The recent explosion of democracy-flavored protests across the Middle East has been cause for pause over the last several weeks. As media outlets worldwide fight for the most in-depth coverage of the movements in Tunisia, or more recently, Egypt, an interesting question about media coverage is being posed.

Text Alerts: Too little, too late

Texting rocks. It’s one of my favorite technological advances. It’s easier to ask somebody a question via text message than call them and make awkward small talk. As the years go on, texting has become more and more useful. Businesses, organizations and events have started jumping on the text-info bandwagon.

The Journal survives Snopocalypse 2011

The end of the world has come … or at least that’s what the weathermen would have had us believe during the storm of a lifetime — “snopocalypse.” However, once The Journal staff got close to campus we wondered, “What’s the big deal?”

The Social Network World

Social media is a phrase invented and implemented since the inception of websites like MySpace and AOL instant messenger over 10 years ago. But it wasn’t until the juggernaut of Facebook and even more recently, Twitter, that we began to understand what it truly meant.

Whether in dorms or commuting, your campus is what you make it

Anyone who’s lived in Webster University’s housing knows it’s not exactly an “Animal House” experience. The small size of Webster does not lend itself to the college life of a large state university. Even so, living with other people your age in large numbers is an invaluable life experience, one that really only happens when you’re in college.

American Savage: Paved with Gold

Gold. Sweet, wonderful, shiny gold. It makes jewelry, and it once backed our currency. Oh Christ, don’t stop reading. This won’t be an examination of the Federal banks. No, this is a simpler concept I’m etching out here.

Hands off my remote

On a weekly basis, my boyfriend and I flip through channels, looking for something decent to watch. At some point, I’ll stealthily take the remote and end up on one of several trashy reality shows that are on at any time.