November 15, 2018


Ode to Croix

La Croix lovers say it is a tasty and aesthetically pleasing drink, while the haters say it is bland and don’t understand the hype. Personally, I will love La Croix until the day I die–henceforth unfolds my honorable ode to La Croix.

The impact of Julian David

Julian David was a junior at Webster University Vienna majoring in psychology. On May 8, 2018 Julian’s body was found on a beach near the Webster University Thailand campus where he was studying abroad. His cause of death is undetermined. He is remembered globally by his family and many friends he made in his time at Webster University.

Behind SGA’s closed doors

“After that experience, I dreaded meetings, encounters with this President and even my office hours. I sat in the SGA office and prayed he never came in or that the Executive Board was not having a meeting that day,” – Caitlyn Vanover