April 19, 2018


Contributed Photo from Webster University
Webster Groves resident Frank Janoski is sworn into the city council. JESSICA KARINS | The Journal
Sebastian "Bud" Bellomo and Matt Armstrong celebrating their win March 5. JESSICA KARINS | The Journal
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Webster student arrested at Trump rally

Webster student Wes Schnitker, along with 30 others, started the day off with a three-hour wait in line to blend in with Trump supporters at the Peabody Opera House. The plan was to protest, and Schnitker’s group was not alone.


Missouri primary: students poll on importance of issues

Missouri is set to have its 2016 primary March 15. On the surface, the primaries are where voters can select their preferred candidate from the current runners. However, by selecting a candidate voters are also designating which candidate the states’ delegates are committed to. The Journal polled 100 students on what political issues matter to them. The economy, college affordability and employment were among the top concerns of Webster students.


Missouri considers campus concealed carry gun laws

The possession of firearms on college campuses is currently prohibited in Missouri. Now, Republican Missouri state senators Brian Munzlinger and Bob Dixon aim to change that law. They introduced legislation that would require all college campuses in Missouri to allow concealed carry unless they comply with additional safety regulations.