March 19, 2018

Author: Natalie Martinez

John Quiñones spoke at the Loretto-Hilton Center on Monday, Sept. 22

Photo by Lily Voss
Vocal Performance Adjunct Professor Debby Lennon directs her students during a vocal exercise. Lennon is an adjunct professor, meaning she works part-time for the university.

Some adjuncts prefer part-time lifestyle

Adjunct professor of voice and Director of the Webster Jazz Singers Debby Lennon has recorded and performed all over the world. After strenuous performing schedule she received startling news about blemishes located on the vocal chords creating a vocal fold injury.

DAVID BROOME / The Journal
Patrons were able to get customized pancakes at the Crack Fox during a community event.
Freshman Erin Rasmussen smiles as she holds a bag of her own blood, which she donated to save a man who was diagnosed with leukemia.

Student donates bone marrow

Freshman education major Erin Rasmussen’s life changed when she joined the bone marrow registry. Rasmussen’s inspiration to donate was triggered by a Maggie Murry’s search for a bone marrow match to save her sons’ lives.

Grass Roots Organizing members protest the 'Fix the Debt' campaign outside of the Emerson Library on May 1. PHOTO BY BRITTANY RUESS