July 17, 2018

Webster chess team faces Saint Louis University in final round of President’s Cup

After a last minute comeback in round two the night before, the Webster chess team faces their last opponents in today’s match against the Saint Louis University (SLU) team.

The third and final round began at 9 a.m. ET (8 a.m. CT)

The game lineups are:

1. Durarbayli (WU) – Ipatov (SLU)

2. Robson (WU) – Swiercz (SLU)

3. Zherebukh (SLU) – Prohaszka (WU)

4. Cori (WU) – Rambaldi (SLU)

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Andrew McMunn April 1, 201810:39 am

Webster loses the President’s Cup championship for the first time in six years. Robson’s final match ends in a draw, making Webster’s a half of a point behind UTRGV.

Andrew McMunn April 1, 201810:13 am

Durarbayli loses his final game against Ipatov. UTRGV is now leading by one point. Webster has to win its last game to tie for first.

Andrew McMunn April 1, 201810:09 am

Prohaszka draws his final match. Webster is now tied for first with UTRGV for the championship. Webster has two matches remaining. UTRGV only has one remaining.

Andrew McMunn April 1, 20189:57 am

UTRGV is likely to win their final game, which would give them seven and a half points. Webster would have to get at least one win and two ties to win the championship if UTRGV wins their final game.

Round three points:
Webster: 6
UTRGV: 6.5
Texas Tech: 4
SLU: 1.5

Andrew McMunn April 1, 20189:38 am

Cori wins against Rambaldi. Webster is leading by one point, followed closely by the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Andrew McMunn April 1, 20188:55 am

Cori is now winning by five points.

Andrew McMunn April 1, 20188:50 am

Durarbayli is losing by over a point. Cori is winning by nearly a point and a half. The other two Webster/SLU games are tied.

Andrew McMunn April 1, 20187:28 am

The first game between Texas Tech University and University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) ends in a draw. UTRGV is now tied with Webster for first place.