July 20, 2018

Webster plays University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in second round

The second round of the President’s Cup started at 5 p.m. ET (4 p.m. CT).

The members of the Webster University chess team are playing University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

The games are:

1. Belous (RGV) – Shimanov (WU)
2. Robson (WU) – Dragun (RGV)
3. Stukopin (RGV) – Nyzhnyk (WU)
4. Cori (WU) – Hevia (RGV)


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Andrew McMunn March 31, 20186:11 pm

Robson wins. Cori makes a major comeback and wins his game. The second round is a victory for the Webster chess team.

Andrew McMunn March 31, 20185:47 pm

Robson leads by nearly three points. Cori now leads by half a point. Winning both of these games would mean an overall win of the round for Webster.

Andrew McMunn March 31, 20185:22 pm

Shimanov lost to Belous. The other two games are ongoing, Robson is winning and Cori’s game is expected to end in a tie.

Andrew McMunn March 31, 20184:22 pm

Shimanov trails by nearly three points. Robson and Cori both have leads of just under one point.

Andrew McMunn March 31, 20183:22 pm

Webster’s Provost, Julian Schuster, has dropped by to support the Webster team in the Final Four Championship.

Andrew McMunn March 31, 20183:14 pm

Illia Nyzhnyk is the first Webster student to finish his game in the second round. The game ended in a tie. The other games are still ongoing.

Andrew McMunn March 31, 20182:55 pm

Shimanov is tied with his opponent. All of the other three Webster players are losing by a small margin.