July 19, 2018

Activist Bree Newsome speaks at MLK Day dinner

Bree Newsome, an activist best known for removing the Confederate flag from the grounds of the North Carolina statehouse, spoke at Webster’s Dr. Martin Luther King commemoration day Jan. 30.

The Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs (MCISA) organized the event to celebrate the life and works of Dr. King. The event included dinner, Webster’s Gospel Choir and keynote speaker Newsome, an activist based in Charlotte, NC.

Newsome focused on the importance of recognizing the social structure of our society in the terms of equality, violence, oppression and social justice as did Dr. King. She said activism and organizing begin once one realizes the value of their life and the desire to live in a world of peace and love.

“I think it’s a blessing for us to be as beautifully diverse as every other species yet blessed with the awareness of ourselves as an endlessly imaginative creative force on this earth,” Newsome said. “I truly believe this is a generation of awakening.”

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