October 24, 2016

SGA president Caroline Wiley raising money to replace stolen car, laptop

Webster University Student Government Association (SGA) President Caroline Wiley is raising money to repair her car and replace her laptop, which were stolen in a carjacking on Oct. 7.

Wiley has since recovered the car, although it was damaged extensively. A suspect is in custody, who Wiley was able to positively identify in a police lineup.

Wiley’s sister, Megan Wiley, created a page on the fundraising website GoFundMe to replace the stolen property. According to the page, Wiley’s car was approached by two men who pointed a gun at her and “told her to get out and hand over her phone.”

In addition to her car, Wiley also lost her MacBook and two external hard drives.

“This has been devastating for Caroline because when they drove off they also took her livelihood,” Megan Wiley wrote on the GoFundMe page. “Caroline works as a videographer and in the back of the car was her MacBook Pro and two external hard drives because she was driving home from work.  The computer and hard drives both had video and intellectual property on them that cannot be recreated, including a documentary she was working on.”

The detectives working on the case arrested four teenagers who were seen exiting Wiley’s car on Oct. 9. She was able to identify one of them as the carjacker.

“The carjacker will be having a detention hearing this week in order to determine if he will be tried as an adult or a juvenile,” Wiley wrote in an update on the GoFundMe account.

Wiley said the incident did not take place on campus or in Webster Groves.

The GoFundMe campaign has raised $2,415 of its $4,500 goal.

“I want to thank everyone who has donated to this page,” Wiley wrote. “Without your generosity, fixing my car would not even be currently within the realm of possibility. I’m still going to have to pay a lot for the damage, but your help is what’s making it possible for me to even consider the possibility. I also want to thank those of you that have offered to help by offering rides, technical assistance, or just offering an ear. I was in a bad place Sunday afternoon before Megan created this page for me and all of your kind words, love, and support have immensely helped in lifting my spirits.”


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