January 24, 2019

Scott Kilgallon appointed to NCAA III planning-subcommittee

Webster University Director of Athletics Scott Kilgallon has been appointed to the NCAA Convention-Planning Subcommittee.

The three-year term will conclude in January 2019. Kilgallon will participate in his first teleconference in March.

Kilgallon said a big issue on the subcommittee’s agenda involved the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Decisions made by the subcommittee could have a big impact on assistant coaches in Division III schools, he said.

“[The subcommittee is]hugely impactful on college campuses,” Kilgallon said. “From a budget perspective it’s going to be hugely impactful.”

Kilgallon said the exemption on number of hours for coaches to practice players is up for debate, and the university favored keeping that exemption. He also said how important coaches were on the success of student-athletes.

“If we don’t get that result, we’ll probably have to do without assistant coaches,” Kilgallon said. “Which will water down the student-athlete experience, and in the business model it will hurt us in recruiting and retention.”

Another topic at the annual meeting was the ethnic minority program. Kilgallon said the program has been running smoothly.

“I think the NCAA Division III has done a really good job getting students involved with the student athlete advisory panel committee,” Kilgallon said. “I think that it is prompting both gender and diversity. Trying to get folks exposed to the profession if someone is showing an interest.”

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