Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Oasis International welcomes refugees to St. Louis

The Christian nonprofit helped nearly 5,000 refugees in the St. Louis community in 2018.

Immigrant overcomes barriers to open restaurant

When Victor Arellano came to America illegally he had dreams of owning his own restaurant. The language barrier he experienced was one of the many obstacles he overcame.

US bans former Webster student Francis Ladege

Ladege lived in the US for 25 years before being deported.

Mother’s immigration saves son’s eyes

Christina Ferris only had one thing in mind when coming to the United States: to better her son’s eyesight.

‘We are all immigrants’: The history of immigration in St. Louis

Webster professor Kristen Anderson said immigration revitalized the city.

‘They call me the little Indian princess’: Immigrants’ children face identity crisis

Children of immigrants learn to incorporate the cultural identities of both their country of origin and the new homes of their families.

Students advocate for campus prayer room

Webster University student Samih Abdeljabbar spent the semester praying in Emerson Library study rooms. Abdeljabbar prays up to five times a day in the library.

‘Remembering December 1994’: Professor escapes war

Adjunct professor looks back on his journey as an immigrant from Yugoslavia.

South Grand creates opportunities for immigrants

Read how one St. Louis neighborhood helps its new residents.