Friday, December 9, 2022

Editorial: Stroble is in the House

The Journal weighs in the Stroble's newest residential announcement.

Newsletter promotes community relations

Webster University began distributing a four-page newsletter to the Webster Groves community in 2004. The purpose was to encourage more communication and promote positive relationships between the two entities, said Barb Ehnes, director of media and community relations. Stroble also mentions the possible construction of a residence for her on campus.

Webster Groves residents fight university expansion

Webster Groves resident Maggie Sowash said she is proud to live in a beautiful old brick house in the historic Webster Park area. Sowash, who has lived there since 1987, also said her home and town are in danger of being disturbed by heavy commuter traffic and loud Webster University students.

Webster Groves City Council to restrict university expansion

Webster Groves City Council unanimously voted on Tuesday, Jan. 18 in favor of an ordinance addressing zoning codes that will affect the planned expansion of Webster University at Eden Theological Seminary.