Monday, November 28, 2022

VIDEO: New Academic Building is Handicap Ready

Stairs, malfunctioning elevators, and longer routes are typical things handicap students at Webster University deal with on a daily bases. With the new academic building set to open, has the university made its new building handicap accessible?

Seminaries see changes after enrollment drops nationwide

Bangor Theological Seminary will no longer offer a graduate degree by fall 2013.

VIDEO: Josh Cassell’s The Black Review: a small band with big plans

Josh Cassell's love of music led him to form a two-man acoustic band with Scott Knipshild.

College World Series Game 3 Preview: Webster vs. Marietta College

The Gorloks will take on defending Division III champion Marietta College (Ohio) on Monday May 28 at 1:15 p.m. The winner advances, and the loser goes home. Find out what the Gorloks will be up against and who their starting pitcher will be.

Webster Groves City Council postpones decision on Eden’s master plan for third time

The Webster Groves City Council decided not to move forward with a decision regarding Eden’s master plan at its July 17 meeting. The decision was made because several people, including Eden’s president, were unable to attend the meeting. Webster Groves residents voiced their opinions on the master plan again.

East Academic Building [Slideshow]

Photos of the new Business and Technology building at Webster University

Residents express concern for community as Webster University seeks expansion

"We are scared," said Peggy McAulliffe at the Sept. 4 Webster Groves City Council meeting.

Sasaki & Associates unveil Master Plan design for Webster University

Faculty and Webster Groves community given designs of Webster University master plan.

VIDEO: Tatted to Show Faith and Spirituality

Matt Mason's cross tattoo represents his Christian devotion. Bill Duvendack's tat is a pictorial representation of his belief of the afterlife.

Guest Commentary: A call to civic action

Barbara O'Malley, Associate Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for Webster University, writes a guest commentary on the university's opinion on Webster Groves Ordinance 8753.

RACE FOR THE SHOW-ME STATE: Races for the Missouri Senate and House

The Journal writes about some of the positions candidates for Missouri local races have taken.

Webster Groves residents fight university expansion

Webster Groves resident Maggie Sowash said she is proud to live in a beautiful old brick house in the historic Webster Park area. Sowash, who has lived there since 1987, also said her home and town are in danger of being disturbed by heavy commuter traffic and loud Webster University students.

VIDEO: Living with Attention Deficit Disorder is Harder Than You Think

Erin Hindalong sticks post it notes to her apple so that she doesn’t forget to eat it in the morning. This kind of routine with sticky notes helps Hindalong live out a normal day with ADD.

Editorial: Stroble is in the House

The Journal weighs in the Stroble's newest residential announcement.

OPINION: Third party, third wheel: the buzzkill brigade

The third party in America is an endangered species, and for good reason. They have no idea how to hunt.

Sense of community abroad aids student adjustment

Homesickness hit Ellie Duff when she studied abroad. She said her homesickness had a great deal to do with the loss of her father six weeks before she left to study abroad.