Friday, March 31, 2023

VIDEO: Freshman Marissa Lewis stars for the Webster University women’s tennis team

Marissa Lewis is far from her Oklahoma home and twin sister, Mollie. But the Webster University freshman feels right at home on the tennis court, where she frustrates and dominates her opponents.

VIDEO: Asymmetrical Ear Gauges, Tattoos belong to Student Employee from Cleveland

It is estimated that 19% of people in the United States have some form of a piercing. Julian Williams is one of those 19 percent and has a very unique story on how they came to be.

Best Male Athlete of 2011-2012 — David Mueller

The Journal’s pick for ‘Best Male Athlete’ is senior baseball pitcher David Mueller.

VIDEO: Tattoos Believed to be Sinful, Show Bad Taste

Deja Randle is a devoted Christian who believes tattoos of crosses and Bible scriptures are wrong.

Male Newcomer of the Year for 2011-2012 — Alex Kazmierski

The Journal’s pick for 'Male Newcomer of the Year' is junior baseball right fielder Alex Kazmierski.

OPINION: Politically Incorrect: Why you shouldn’t vote for anyone in the presidential election

In reality, it doesn’t matter which candidate you vote for. A President Romney would make very similar decisions to a re-elected President Obama.

Webster Groves City Council postpones decision on Eden’s master plan for third time

The Webster Groves City Council decided not to move forward with a decision regarding Eden’s master plan at its July 17 meeting. The decision was made because several people, including Eden’s president, were unable to attend the meeting. Webster Groves residents voiced their opinions on the master plan again.

HvZ’s plot involves Stroble and Schuster

Storyline of this semester's game of Humans vs. Zombies includes an election theme, splitting the humans into two teams.

OPINION: Right lane closed ahead: How the GOP got the Obama presidency wrong and...

Politics aside, there is something strange happening to the Republican Party in this presidential race — something we haven’t really seen before. For the first time, the party’s complaints about the incumbent democratic president are completely and totally false.

Stingy defense helps women’s soccer secure SLIAC championship

The Webster University women's soccer team is headed to Wheaton College (Ill.) for Round 1 of the NCAA Division III tournament. Read to find relive the Gorloks' SLIAC tournament championship game.

Delegates’ Agenda discusses top five student concerns

Officers of student organizations present the top five issues they said the campus needs to address to members of administration.

VIDEO: Education Majors Prepare for Exceptionalities in the Classroom

Students tied handkerchiefs over their eyes tried to cross streets, open doors and drink from water fountains on campus.

The Inevitable: Webster’s expansion across Lockwood Avenue

Webster University’s expansion across Lockwood may come to fruition on Aug. 21 if the Webster Groves City Council decides to approve Eden Seminary’s 2012 master plan which is outlined in Webster Groves Ordinance 8753. We believe Webster University has the right to cross Lockwood. And, we are sure it will.

OPINION: Don’t cast your vote for an issue, cast it for a candidate

It is your responsibility as a voter to recognize the issues our nation faces and the issues important to you, and balance them on the ballot.

Ordinance 8753 limits university’s growth, Stroble says

The university could struggle to meet expansion needs

OPINION: The case for Obama’s re-election

Would you rather have a president give you what you want, or what you need? It’s not a policy question, exactly, but since policy seems lacking in this election cycle, let’s ask. How about it? What you want, or what you need?