Monday, May 29, 2023

Civilians should not romanticize war

From the Opinions Section: It is not easy being a veteran in civilian life. Tom's death is proof of that. Rest in Peace, Tom.

Service dogs assist veterans through mental illness

Tom Palozola relied on his dog Basilone, who helped him cope with anxiety and stress. Organizations like Missouri Patriot Paws match veterans with service dogs specifically trained to help them combat PTSD and emotional trauma.

The heroic life and traumatic death of Tom Palozola

Tom was thought of as the strong one. The one who was the rock for everyone around him. Tom Palozola committed suicide after a battle with post-traumatic stress disorder. This is his story.

Palozola’s legacy continues with the Zola Initiative

Tom Palozola had a passion for helping veterans in their fight against PTSD. In the wake of his death, the Zola Initiative was launched to honor his legacy and passion.

Veterans battle post-traumatic stress in the aftermath of war

Webster's military students discuss their struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and the help they received after their time serving the United States.

Tom Palozola: The new voice of veterans at Webster

A combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has big plans to benefit veterans at Webster University.

History of Webster and the military

Webster's history with the military dates back to the 1940's and World War II. Today, Webster has extended campuses on 39 military bases throughout the United States.

Vet center opens on campus

The Home Depot awarded Webster University’s Student Veterans Organization (SVO) with a $9,000 grant for a Veterans Center on campus. SVO President Tom Palozola secured the grant by writing a business plan detailing the grants uses and how Webster planned to sustain veteran success.

Webster to rename Veterans Resource Center after former president Tom Palozola

Palozola was the driving force behind the grant to introduce a center for veterans on Webster University's home campus.

The pride and silent disabilities of veterans

Tim Schneidewind is a 26-year-old veteran who refuses to go to the Veterans Administration for medical evaluation. “I don’t want people telling me that I’m broken,” Schneidewind said.

The harm in stereotyping veterans

From the Opinions Section: The reality of veterans is not like the movies.

Webster Student Veterans Organization works to combat vets’ isolation on campus

Cory Krassinger never crosses the street until he is told to walk, while he watches other students sprint across to avoid oncoming traffic. He feels this is a representation of the isolation he often feels as a military veteran student.

How grief has made me a better counselor

From the Opinions Section: After Tom's loss, I almost gave up counseling.

Silence is deafening: veterans will not go quietly

From the Opinions Section: Veterans do not deserve dishonorable deaths. They deserve to be heard when they are alive.

Veterans matter more than the NFL

From the Opinions Section: Ranting on social media is not going to solve the homeless veterans problem in America.

Veterans are just like everyone else

From the Opinions Section: Veterans are not what you see on TV, they are human beings like you and like me.