Thursday, June 8, 2023

Webster invests in extended military campuses

Webster University, then Webster College, accepted an invitation from the Department of Defense (DOD) to deliver education to the military in 1974. For the first time, students affiliated with the military would receive a college education within the gates of their own military installation.

People: Joe Edwards’ decades-long commitment to the Delmar Loop

Since 1972, the Delmar Loop has been transformed from a modest neighborhood with only a few buildings to an exciting and location for all...

How East Coast pizza infiltrated the Midwest at Racanelli’s

It has been said St. Louisans love their pizza – those distinctly thin, flaky provel-topped squares. With St. Louis style-pizza being embedded onto the...

Growing up in Kirkwood after a mass shooting

In middle school circa 2008, tragedy struck. And things were never the same in my hometown.
Panda awaits his doctor at Webster Groves Animal Hospital, who will provide an exam, medication and lots of belly rubs. Photo by Alexandria Darmody.

Webster Groves Animal Hospital: an Old Orchard landmark that does it all

One wouldn’t have to look very far to see that Webster Grovians love their pets. The neighborhood, with its walkable business districts and open,...

Immigration laws dictate fate of refugees

"There's simply no line for them to wait in," Stephen Legomsky said of the process to asylum. Immigrants at the border seek refugee status among legal challenges.

Electronic tattoos eliminate invasive procedures

Electronic tattoos take the hard material of computers and make them softer to comfortably sit on the skin. They can help with various medical problems.

Palozola’s legacy continues with the Zola Initiative

Tom Palozola had a passion for helping veterans in their fight against PTSD. In the wake of his death, the Zola Initiative was launched to honor his legacy and passion.

Kirkwood city leaders believe racial divide did not play part in shooting

On the ten-year anniversary of the Kirkwood City Council shooting, two groups held separate memorials. The reasons for the memorials, and the causes leading up to the shooting, differed completely from each group.

Opinions on tattoos differ by religion

Though religions take various stances on tattoos, Webster students sometimes do not take their beliefs into account.

Veterans are just like everyone else

From the Opinions Section: Veterans are not what you see on TV, they are human beings like you and like me.

Reporter Todd Smith’s scars will never heal after Kirkwood shooting

Todd Smith survived being shot during the Kirkwood City Council shooting in 2008. It was not the first shooting he survived.

Immigrants face hardships at US-Mexico border wall

Isabella said she fears leaving her house and being caught by Border Patrol.

Immigrant overcomes barriers to open restaurant

When Victor Arellano came to America illegally he had dreams of owning his own restaurant. The language barrier he experienced was one of the many obstacles he overcame.

Roots: Florissant preserves past with historical architecture

Only four structures built before the Louisiana Purchase are left in the Greater St. Louis area. All are located in the City of Florissant...

History of Webster and the military

Webster's history with the military dates back to the 1940's and World War II. Today, Webster has extended campuses on 39 military bases throughout the United States.