Monday, August 15, 2022

Former S. Korean ambassador speaks at Webster University

Former South Korean ambassador Ho-Jin Lee addressed about 100 students and faculty members regarding the rising tensions between South Korea and North Korea.

Students seek shelter during severe storm

Unseasonable severe weather came through the St. Louis area Sunday night, causing disruption for students living on campus.

Under the visa deadline

Graduating international students with student visas have only a short time to find jobs in the U.S. before no longer being able to reside here legally.

New general education requirements approved

On March 1, faculty at Webster voted in favor of an alternative general education plan for new and prospective students.

DUMPSTER DIVE: WSES performs campus waste audit

Dressed in white Tyvek sanitary suits, members of the Webster Students for Environmental Sustainability (WSES) jumped into dumpsters in the rain and waded through the trash in search of bags of garbage last Saturday.

University, Webster Groves, experience power outage

Around 12:45 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 21, the power went out in parts of Webster Groves and Shrewsbury.

Panel debates importance of Black History Month

A panel discussion on Black History Month drew a full crowd and passionate opinions about black culture on Feb. 22 in the Presentation Room of the University Center.

Webster purchases new e-mail server

After receiving complaints from teachers and students about email performance issues, information technology (IT) put a three-step program in place to fix the problem.

Global Forum explores the meaning of global citizenship

Promoting global citizenship is more than jet-setting across the country, speaking six different languages or wearing a ‘global citizenship’ badge. On Feb. 8, Webster University held a Global Citizenship Forum, allowing students in any of its campuses to log in online and give their opinion of what it means to be a global citizen.

Email server fails, improvements expected

Since mid-January, Webster faculty has experienced technical difficulties with the one and only server for the University. 3,400 worldwide faculty and staff whose Webster email resided on the POP server.

Webster counselors help high school students overcome addictions

Since 1996, Webster University has led a campaign through a program called UNITE to educate middle school and high school students who have gotten into trouble with drugs or alcohol.

Professors, students struggle with snow days

Webster University closed for two days due to the heavy snow and ice that fell on the area. The snow days caused the flow of some classes to be disrupted. The snow has forced teachers to cram everything they had planned into one class or cut it out all together.

Student participates in local Egypt protest

Hanan Rahman, a sophomore double majoring in legal studies and human rights, and five other Arab-Americans spoke with Senator Claire McCaskill’s regional director Michelle Sherod to express their discontent with U.S. military aid to Egypt.

Community College students increasingly enroll at Webster

Meramec, a St. Louis Community College campus located in Kirkwood, is a primary source of transfers for Webster because of its proximity. More students transfer to Webster from Meramec than any other community college.

Three car break-ins occur on same day

Three crimes are now under investigation by the Webster Groves Police Department after multiple cars were broken into on the Webster Groves campus.

Students vote on top five issues at officers’ summit

About 70 student leaders attended the spring 2011 Officers’ Summit, held in the Sunnen Lounge. The main issue students were concerned with was the condition of academic facilities and how they could be improved, which received 46 votes.