Friday, September 17, 2021

Delegates’ Agenda takes hiatus

Webster’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced the Delegates’ Agenda will take a hiatus during the spring semester to work on the format of the program.

DATA: Chess revenue and expense data for top college chess programs

Over the course of five months and using multiple state open records laws, The Journal obtained revenue and expense figures for the nation’s top public college chess programs.

Students frustrated with administration’s budget response

For the sixth time in nine years, the issue of budget-funded student jobs was presented to administrators at Delegates’ Agenda, and at last week’s administrative response, Student Government Association (SGA) President Caroline Wiley said students wanted real answers to their questions.
Notaries help residents with their ballots.

Webster community bands together to help others vote

Community members are trying to help others overcome obstacles that stem from voting by mail. They are holding notary drives and Webster VOTES is...

FAFSA verification process affects 30% of applicants, can leave students confused

Kaelin Triggs had several obstacles in the FAFSA verification process. Financial aid counselors helped Triggs through the process. Each year, a handful of college students...

NSF scholarships mark a new era for Webster STEM

Students and professors in Webster STEM hope scholarships and new building will create new opportunities for their programs.

Internships: By the numbers

The Journal has compiled data from several studies and surveys focusing on internships.

UPDATED: President Stroble addresses alleged sexual and professional misconduct from professor

Stroble announced an online portal for students and faculty to voice Title IX concerns. Updated at 7:20 p.m., May 17  Current and former students, faculty and...