Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Webster Students Research Bees and the Community Through Shutterbee

If you live in St. Louis and have a backyard (or access to a local park), you can become a citizen scientist. By Charlotte...

Short-term government shutdown unlikely to affect financial aid

The government shutdown is unlikely to affect financial aid for students in the short-term, according to a report from the news website, Inside Higher...

Hardships of a third-party candidate

Constitution Party candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives Cindy Redburn described running as a third party candidate like being in a hundred yard...

Breaking News: Webster director of facilities planning confirms resignation

David Stone to end 15 years at Webster on Aug. 31.

New program gives students off-campus dining options

Gorlok Bucks allows students to go to select local restaurants instead of staying on campus.

Stuck Public Safety car catches fire

Heat from the Dodge Charger ignited nearby brush after the vehicle became stuck in the mud.  Student Sophie Richmond said she thought she heard a...

Stroble responds to Bond controversy

Students have expressed concerns about the Webster University commencement, speaker selected for this years May 7 ceremony. Kit Bond, former Republican Senator from Missouri, was announced as the selected speaker, on Feb. 25.

City named a ‘Missouri Most Creative Community’

Webster Groves will be named Missouri’s Most Creative Community at the 30th annual Missouri Art Council’s Arts Awards tomorrow. Webster Groves, along with 7 other recipients from different artistic categories, will receive original artwork created for the Missouri Arts Awards by KennethMarineGlass.

SGA budget top issue at Delegates’ Agenda

SGA budget allocation, campus activities among top issues for Delegates’ Agenda.

Parental financial support can decrease GPA, study finds

An American Sociological Review study found that college students who receive more financial support from their parents tend to have lower GPAs.

Changes to campus dining proposed

Longer hours and more healthy food options are being considered by faculty and administration.

Second opportunity for relief funds available

Students need to apply by March 31 to be considered for the funds. Time is ticking for Webster students to cash in on the Higher...

St. Louis streets torn by economic ruin and violence

Kendell McCline saw his dad murdered on the street in front his housing project. McCline said he would see a lot of shootings and killings before he decided to put up his own gun.

Webster to switch to single meal plan option in fall 2017

Webster University is introducing a new meal plan system starting in the 2017-18 academic year. The “Blue and Gold” meal plan will be the only option for students, and the four meal plan options currently offered will no longer be available.

SGA is excited for Black History Month

Show your leadership by applying for SGA. We need you.

Webster parking garage expansion to open April 20

The expansion will open with a ribboncutting ceremony that more than doubles the number of parking spots in the garage.

Former Webster student detained by ICE files petition based on prolonged detention

While awaiting deportation, Francis Ladege filed for habeas corpus, which could give him a trial and possible release from his two-year detainment.