Monday, August 2, 2021

VIDEO: The Life of Ordinance 8753

Webster Groves City Council approaches a final reading and vote, which may in part limit the lease or sale of property at Eden Theological Seminary. Learn about the "life" of Ordinance 8753 and how it could affect Webster University.

Leiden students join Amsterdam women’s march

LEIDEN, Netherlands – The recent Women’s March on Washington was organized as a worldwide response to rising far-right rhetoric around the world. Groups of Webster students from the Leiden campus attended the march in Amsterdam.

VIDEO: Surfacing holds first Cabaret

“Gender-bender” theme of Surfacing Theatre's Cabaret allows students to perform songs sung by opposite sex.

Webster’s soccer club shows multicultural diversity

At Webster University, the Socceroos are not to be confused with the Australian National football team. Instead, it is another name for The Webster International Soccer Club.

VIDEO: Student brings his culture for Japan to Webster

Devin Spencer, a freshman study abroad student from Japan, teaches a form of martial arts called "Shorinji Kempo" on the Quad every Tuesday evening. He said the main reason he teachers it is to build self-confidence and to have fun.

Webster class washes away their senses at FLOAT STL

Lying down in a closed tank of water in silence for 90 minutes is the basis of what local FLOAT STL does. However, its salted water has become a popular mainstay for the way it relieves tension and relaxes the body and mind.

VIDEO: Campus Activities host laser tag excursion

On Friday August 26, 2011 the first Friday of the fall semester, Campus Activities hosted a excursion at Laser Rock in Bellville, IL. Webster students...