Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Webster student protest leads to student arrest

Webster student-led protest started Dec 2. with a blocked intersection at Big Bend and Edgar Road and ended with one student arrest.

Mothers and teachers comfort children in light of unrest

Elementary teacher Kayla Thompson feared for her students. Thompson’s 6th Elementary participated in the protests in Ferguson surrounding the death of Michael Brown. “I’d rather them...

I Live in Ferguson

Native or foreign. Visiting or resident. Protesting or waiting for facts. There are two sides to every conflict, and in Ferguson there are more...

Bernie Hayes: “Never argue with the police because they could kill you”

The shooting of Michael Brown came as no surprise to Ferguson community member and Webster University professor Bernie Hayes. Hayes, who grew up in...

Webster students talk about Ferguson

The closing of Webster University a day after the non-indictment of officer Darren Wilson sparks student, staff and faculty conversation in the Sunnen Lounge.