November 25, 2020

Author: The Journal

The Journal house ad draws attention

In the Feb. 17 issue of The Journal the second edition of a three-part in-house ad campaign, “Help Us Cover the Student Body,” appeared on page nine. This ad featured three women covered only in The Journal newspapers. Four readers have responded strongly to the advertisement.

Like it or not, Americans need Al-Jazeera

The recent explosion of democracy-flavored protests across the Middle East has been cause for pause over the last several weeks. As media outlets worldwide fight for the most in-depth coverage of the movements in Tunisia, or more recently, Egypt, an interesting question about media coverage is being posed.

The Journal survives Snopocalypse 2011

The end of the world has come … or at least that’s what the weathermen would have had us believe during the storm of a lifetime — “snopocalypse.” However, once The Journal staff got close to campus we wondered, “What’s the big deal?”

The Social Network World

Social media is a phrase invented and implemented since the inception of websites like MySpace and AOL instant messenger over 10 years ago. But it wasn’t until the juggernaut of Facebook and even more recently, Twitter, that we began to understand what it truly meant.