The District in Chesterfield wows as new entertainment venue

The new event space, The Reverie, is used for a variety of events including weddings, corporate parties and others. It’s only one portion of the new development, The District, in Chesterfield, visible from Interstate 64. Photo contributed by The District.

Bringing new life to Chesterfield, The District of St. Louis offers a unique combination of entertainment sure to capture all audiences, including the already-popular Factory concert venue and the new Reverie event space. 

Locally owned by longtime catering company Butler’s Pantry, The Reverie is located next door to The Factory, creating opportunities for both to partner and collaborate with concerts and other special events.

“There’s a brewery that’s in there, there’s also a cigar bar, an art gallery, and so it’s really focused on more local and smaller business owners as opposed to the nationwide chains,” said Bridget Bitza, chief revenue officer for Butler’s Pantry. 

Even as a relatively new venue, The Reverie has already attracted lots of guests interested in hosting a variety of events. 

“We have been able to host a few nonprofits. We hosted a couple of corporate events and weddings, and then our holiday season is really, really packed with a ton of holiday parties,” Bitza said. 

Those interested in hosting gatherings at The Reverie take advantage of the uniqueness it offers such as including all the components to hold an event. 

“We take care of all of your food, all of your bar [and] all of the labor, which is something we take a lot of pride in,” Bitza said. 

In addition to the quality of beverages and food provided, clients also enjoy the ease they have when creating the event. 

“They love that when they come, all of their chairs and tables are included,” Bitza said. “When you’re planning an event, especially if it’s a wedding or a mitzvah where it’s not something you’re doing on a regular basis, it can be very overwhelming.”

Even with large groups of people, The Reverie is set on making sure that its clients are taken care of by bringing their visions to life. With many venue options in St. Louis, Bitza mentions that quality sets The Reverie and Butler’s Pantry apart. 

“We are also incredibly blessed with a really great network of groups that we have been working with for years,” Bitza said. “They are all asking, ‘do you have a new venue we can tryout this year?’”

The company’s great network also provides The Reverie clients with access to custom features for their events. Additionally, The Reverie is able to provide an incredible location, which is one of the reasons that Butler’s Pantry decided to spread its wings in Chesterfield.  

“We typically don’t do a lot of stuff out in Chesterfield just because it is pretty far out from where our (usual base) is,” Bitza said. “This is giving us an opportunity to introduce our brand out there.” 

Outside of offering the company room to expand, Bitza said the layout of The District also allows the venue to be flexible and accessible.  

“The interest is: Everyone, of course, loves something new. But I will say, with us being directly right off Highway 40 and with such ample parking, [that] parking and location is such a deal when you’re trying to plan an event for a large number of people,” Bitza said.

As The Reverie continues by finishing out the year with several holiday gatherings, it will undoubtedly bring new life to the area. Already next year, the space plans to host a number of  weddings, as well as corporate and social events.

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