Kanye West rants are not worth our time


I don’t know what happened to Kanye West. It’s like he did a 360 on everyone. The old Kanye talked about important issues in society, especially in the black community, that no one wanted to address. The new Kanye is just ranting about random things hoping that people will relate or at least boost his ego.

On Oct. 11, West had lunch with former NFL player Jim Brown and President Donald Trump. At this lunch, West decided to give another rant about topics such as his IQ being in the 98 percentile, and how there should be Trump factories and Yeezus schools.

West claimed that “a person does not have ADHD, school is just boring” and how there should be a way to have art in the school curriculum. He said the 13th Amendment of the Constitution outlawing slavery should be abolished because it is a “trap door.”

The relationship between West and Trump is like Dennis Rodman and Madonna: an odd mix. I don’t think their friendship is genuine. Trump is most likely just interested in a business relationship with him. It is more about getting the attention off of what Trump is actually doing in the White House and using West as comic relief.

West hugged Trump and shook his hand saying how everyone should form an unity with each other and how wearing the “Make America Great Again” hat made him feel like Superman.

In 2005, West gave his infamous statement that George W. H Bush didn’t care about black people. Many African American people viewed Kanye as the voice of reason for the black community during the 2000s. He didn’t shy away from talking about issues that occurred in the black community or society. Now, it seems as if he cannot get his thoughts together and just rambles on whatever comes to mind.

Is it because he’s still grieving over his mother who died during surgery in 2007? Is it because of his marriage with Kim Kardashian? No one knows, but it is obvious with his rants on social media that something is going on with him mentally that he is reluctant to fully explain.

Is this all just a publicity stunt to get everyone to buy his albums? Or is it an attempt to keep his name in the public eye? Whatever it is, we the people need to stop giving him the attention he so clearly craves.

However, these wild rants are nothing new for West. During his 2013 Yeezus tour, he ranted on stage about racism in America. Each night of the Yeezus tour, West reserved 10 to 25 minutes to freestyle rap about whatever was on his mind that evening. Many of these rants surrounded racism, the fashion industry and God.

During his Life of Pablo tour in 2016, he stopped in the middle of the song and ranted about people in the music industry playing too much into politics. He mentioned how the radio plays artists’ songs like Drake and DJ Khaled instead of giving time to other artists like Kid Cudi, ASAP Rocky.

Also during this tour, West said that “He is on his Trump stuff tonight,” meaning he is going to rant about the things that’s on his mind. He abruptly stopped the show, leaving the audience confused. He was later hospitalized for his mental health and cancelled the rest of his tour that year.

In May, during an interview with TMZ, West said slavery sounds like a choice. This is completely disrespecting his ancestors, and all African American ancestors, who endured years of pain and suffering. I don’t understand how you can be black and say that when of course it wasn’t a choice.

My ancestors were punished because of their skin color, and they were seen as objects instead of humans. West apologized and clarified his opinion saying that slaves in America were mentally enslaved. Of course they were mentally enslaved because it was ingrained in them by white men.

It’s like he doesn’t think before he speaks about whether or not what he has to say might be offensive. He tries to clarify his statements after he says them, but it’s always too late. There is no going back and he just keeps saying more and more inflammatory statements that are harmful to the black community.

I’m sick of West and I don’t want to hear anything else he has to say. I have come to the conclusion that we should not waste our time listening to any of his latest antics.


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