Webster Gorlok named one of Buzzfeed’s weirdest mascots


Webster University’s mascot, the Gorlok, was named by Buzzfeed on Sunday as one of the top 23 weirdest college mascots. Webster’s furry friend with the paws of a cheetah, the horns of a buffalo and a face of a saint bernard ranked 18 on the list.  

Turns out  the name actually came from two combined street names from Old Webster – Gore and Lockwood Avenue. And no, it does not eat people.

Screenshot (26)With number one being the weirdest and number 23 being the least weird (but still weird) the kitchen sink of mascots that is Webster’s Gorlok fortunately landed on the less stranger side of things. Saint Louis University earned a “yikes” moment with their mascot, the Billiken, landing at number 3.

Screenshot (28)

Gaylord the camel from Campbell University made number 21, and Artie the Artichoke made number 12, just to name a few.

Screenshot (29)

For the record, the Gorlok used to look a lot more weird. The original life-sized make-believe creature stood 6’3 and completely covered in thick blue fur. Thankfully, Webster’s icon now has a subtle yellow coat and sports a school-spirited Webster t-shirt – which may be the cause of our higher ranked level.


In any case, Webster will not steer clear of the Gorlok anytime soon – all there is left to do is embrace the weird.  

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