Webster will host sex trafficking awareness workshop


Webster recently announced that the Department of Professional Counseling will be hosting a workshop on sex trafficking April 20.

The event takes places in the Emerson Library conference room and will run from 1 – 4 p.m.

Assistant professor Hasmik Chakaryan will focus on trauma, crisis and disaster mental health intervention. Sociology professor Andrea J. Nichols of St. Louis Community College will share her expertise on matters of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

Sherrita Allen from The Covering House, a veteran of social services for more than two decades will also be featured. This free public event is intended for would-be counselors, social workers and others wishing to work with survivors.

Visit their Facebook event page for more information. The event will be streamed to the Charleston, Rolla and Fort Bliss campuses for anyone who cannot attend. Participants can pay $20 in advance or $30 on-site for three National Board Certified Counselor clock hours.

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