Muslims are marginalized as terrorists after a tragedy like Parkland


After people had their new year’s resolutions of happiness, prosperity and family moments to flourish, there was a dreadful incident involving young kids who were supposed to be the future of this nation who were killed by a maniac through his AR-15 rifle. This event created fear in the hearts of children from school as well as a fire in the hearts of parents who are suffering from their loss. This is not the first time to witness a mass shooting event, since 2017 we have seen a rise in the number of these mass killings.

Is it becoming true that human life is not worth more than a bullet which these psycho killers can get for a few bucks? Why is it so that whenever a local American is a victim of all these shootings, he is portrayed as a patient of mental illness whereas Muslims are called and portrayed as “trained” and “professional” terrorists? Why is our media and our government creating hatred between people who are locals and those who are either local Muslims or immigrants?

The stereotypical thinking about Muslims being terrorists has been so influential that whenever people even see a women with hijab or scarf around her neck and head, they feel like they should stay away from them. We see the real discrimination at airports and every person who looks Asian or Muslim is called right in the special waiting room where they are interrogated for so long that some of the passengers even miss their flight. These things are created by the negative media and because they are getting so strong around the culture, insulting and offending Muslims.

Terrorism is not connected to any religion. No religion in the universe would ever preach to spread fear or hatred. Every religion has only one message and that is to love humanity and to protect it. People are supposed to be a part of a community rather than isolating others who see differently from them or are different in terms of their culture and traditions. Every person who is committing a crime is at fault, we cannot just protect them or give them a leverage of being a mental patient or sick from their illness. It would be unjust from those who don’t even commit a crime but still get the title of being a criminal or terrorist.

We must not forget that we are all humans. Every human has equal rights to live their dreams and live their lives. People here in the U.S can easily own different kinds of weapons from handguns to military grade rifles. Every weapon is in easy approach, all these killers have always been owning these weapons and there has never been a check on them or a question raised as to why they needed this weapon or even any weapon at all.

How can we prevent such events? Well if there will be restrictions and certain rules to own a weapon then maybe we can keep a track of people who own a gun. There should always be a random check on people who own a gun by calling them to the office of authorities and checking their weapon if it has been recently used or not, if yes then where did they use it and why?

We are in a state of depravity and we don’t overcome it because we are so ignorant of the bigger picture. This is the reality that we keep on fighting and arguing on the smaller causes. Like Muslims are terrorist and we should protect ourselves from them while the real criminals are out there at large. We must not focus on the whole idea that Muslims are a threat to us, instead we should focus on how can we protect our society, our environment and our future generations from all the difficulties and problems which we are facing currently. Life is not a bed of roses and we must always learn to adapt according to the needs of the present, while learning from our past experiences.

We should always feel the pain of those who are suffering and try to comfort them. We must always share their grieving and remember that where they are today, maybe someone else can be there tomorrow as well. Our target should be to prevent who suffered today so that we can protect those who might be a potential target for tomorrow. Our love for humanity should be stronger than how it is right now. We should always condemn such activities which have the potential to bring darkness in our lives.

Everyone has different feelings and we cannot measure the intensity for the loss of one as compared to the time when such pain comes to us. Nobody can imagine it nor would we even want to be in a condition of imagining such pain being a part of our lives.

May God always protect us and bring happiness in our life.

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