Greenville downs Gorloks for first conference loss



The Gorloks had a 9-0 record in the St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SLIAC) going into their home match against Greenville. Webster could not keep that streak alive despite a tough battle.

In their first matchup of the season, Webster University beat Greenville 3-0. On September 28, Greenville returned the favor by beating the Gorloks 3-0 on their home court.

Webster was atop the conference going into the game undefeated.  With the loss, that put them only one game ahead of Greenville.

The student section showed up for Hawaiian themed night dressed up and ready to cheer on some fellow Gorloks.

“At this point, Greenville’s already got two losses in the conference and we just have the one,” said Webster’s volleyball coach Merry Graf.  

Greenville had the lead to start out the game.  Although Webster fought, they could not hold a lead in any of the three sets.

“We played really tight at the start, and dug ourselves into a hole,” Graf said.  

With their one loss in the SLIAC, Webster still holds the top spot. However, there is a chance the Gorloks will have to play Greenville again in the playoffs.  The top four teams move on to the conference tournament at the end of the season.

Graf said she likes the team’s chances the rest of the season.

“There’s still a good chance we can win out the rest of our matches,” Graf said.  “We can still win and host.”


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