Two dead in shooting near Webster San Antonio campus


The two victims in Friday’s shooting on Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas near a Webster University campus have been identified as Air Force Technical Sgt. Steven D. Bellino and Lt. Col. William A. Schroeder, military officials said in a statement.

CNN reported both men were found dead in Forbes Hall, a building of offices and classrooms. 

Lackland Air Force Base is one of three campuses where Webster University offers accredited graduate degrees to students in San Antonio. Students were notified of the base lockdown on Webster’s website.

The Webster campus is a mile away from where the shootings occurred. 

First responders arrived at a first-floor classroom in Forbes Hall at about 8:50 Friday morning and found two men dead from gunshot wounds, officials said. Bellino, 41 shot and killed Schroeder, 39 his commanding officer in the 342nd Training Squadron at the San Antonio base, before killing himself Friday morning, an Air Force official told CNN. Two Glocks were found at the scene.

Forbes Hall was evacuated and a lockdown was put in place for about an hour before determining there was no longer a threat. 

Director of Public Relations Patrick Giblin confirmed the incident occurred off-site of the Webster campus.

“We sent out the alert for our employees and our students so they knew what was going on as police and military did a complete sweep of the base and they lifted the alert at, I think, 10:17 a.m. their time,” Giblin said.

“No one at our location was ever in any immediate danger and since today is Friday, we do not have any classes scheduled. We did have employees who, once the lockdown was announced by the base, they immediately locked all the doors, turned off the lights and stayed under their desks,” Giblin said.

No motive has been offered and no details have been released on the relationship, if any, between the two men. The press release referred to the incident as “workplace violence.” The Bexar County Sheriff’s office said in a tweet that the investigation has been passed to Lackland authorities and federal investigators.

Lackland Air Force Base is used to conduct basic training for enlistees.  The base is one of three major military facilities that make up Joint Base San Antonio.

Additional reporting by Brian Ruth

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