Students will not vote on possible smoking ban this semester


A proposal for a vote to ban smoking on Webster University’s home campus has not been approved for Student Government Association’s spring ballot.

SGA formed a committee at the beginning of the academic year to consider changes to Webster’s current policy, which allows smoking up to 30 feet away from buildings. They hoped to include the measure in the spring semester ballot.

The proposed policy would have banned all forms of smoking and tobacco products. The committee’s proposal was approved by a general SGA vote, and with minor changes by Director of Student Activities Ted Hoef. However, it has not yet received final approval from the administration.

President of SGA C. Wiley said the measure was discussed among several administration officials, who recommended changes to the phrasing and additional research. SGA decided to delay the vote so they would have time to make improvements, including consulting Webster’s Wellness Office.

Wiley said the organization hopes to get the smoking ban on the ballot in the fall 2016 semester, when students will also vote on senators at large.

“There is a series of steps that need to be taken for that to happen,” Wiley said.

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