Marletto’s – stepping their game up

GRAPHIC BY: Amber Williams
GRAPHIC BY: Amber Williams

There was once a time where the student body called Marletto’s Marketplace went by the name of “Marghetto’s,” or “Ghetto’s.” It is safe to say that there is nothing “ghetto” about Marletto’s anymore.

Marletto’s got the nickname from the very, let us say, questionable food choices they served. You could not tell if the meat was turkey, pork or some new kind no one had heard of. You did not know if the pizza thad been sitting out for a week, and let us mention the “fresh” cooked food you knew they used from the day before.

Marletto’s was the main dining choice for my group of friends and I since I have been going to Webster. It was the healthier option compared to eating all the fried food at the UC Crossroads, because the freshman 15 is real.

There would be nights where we would have to go off campus to spend some of our own money on a meal or just not eat at all because the meals that Marletto’s was serving were too unappealing. There was a point I believed the only time worth going to Marletto’s was for breakfast and their make-your-own omelettes.

Marletto’s has stepped their game up for sure this year. It seems like the new management has put more of an effort into their food choices and the quality of the food they serve. Instead of hoping Marletto’s will have something good to eat for lunch that day, I am curious as to what they will have, this time knowing it will be good.

It is a bonus to the campus if Marletto’s is serving good food due to the obvious fact that freshly cooked food is much healthier than the fried food. It appeals to the vegetarians on campus with their strictly vegan section, and the custom paninis are a great change of pace every once in awhile.

I am happy to eat on this campus now because I do not feel the need to eat unhealthy foods and I have plenty of options to choose from. To me, “Marghetto’s” is no more.Rather, it is a place where the entire student body can sit down and enjoy a meal with friends.

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