EnGo charging station is a go


Webster University has the nation’s first EnGo solar power phone charging station installed on Sept. 9. The EnGo is a product of the Volta Group, of which Webster alumnus, Branko Zivkovic, is co-founder.

Julian Schuster, provost of Webster University, said that Zivkovic approached Webster about installing the EnGo.

EnGo, which cost the university $20,000, gets its power from a solar panel atop the station and also through kinetic energy tiles in the ground.  Schuster said the kinetic energy tiles are truly an innovation. The tiles send power to the station when anyone walks on them. The station is also a wifi hot spot and has a call button connected to public safety.

Schuster said the EnGo charging station is mostly to bring the idea of sustainability to students.

Schuster said the location outside of the East Academic Building was just trial and error, but Webster is getting a mobile charging station that has the ability to go anywhere on campus. He said the university is also thinking about installing lock boxes on the charging station so students can charge their mobile devices and go to class without having to worry about their device being stolen.

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