Thriving in a new college environment


Freshman year is an exciting time. There are new people to meet, activities to join and places to go. But with all of the excitement that freshman year brings, there is an equal amount of confusion and stress. The following tips can help even the most prepared incoming student get used to their new home for the next four years:

• Being in college means having even more freedom to procrastinate on schoolwork. Don’t put off all of last week’s work, because it will keep piling up. This can add stress to an already hectic schedule and can hurt your grades.

Don’t purchase a textbook outright, especially from the bookstore. Most of the time, that textbook will just go into a dark corner and never be used again. To save space and money, consider renting out textbooks from the bookstore, or other websites like Amazon.

Get involved! Being a commuter campus, it can be difficult to meet people at Webster, but joining clubs and sticking around on campus can help anyone become a social butterfly. Check out flyers in buildings around campus to see when club meetings are taking place, and follow the clubs on social media.

• Students love to attend events that offer food. Take advantage of free food at on-campus events. It’s a great way to eat without wasting precious meal plan points or money. Keep an eye out for things happening throughout the week by checking fliers on campus or Involved@Webster online.

The library is a great resource to use for classes, and also a comfortable place to hang out.

• Commuters should arrive early to find a good parking spot. Don’t be fashionably late. Nothing is worse than dragging all of your things across campus.

Adjusting to sharing space with a roommate can be harder than it seems. Try to set rules and respect each other’s space to get along from the start. Also, try sharing responsibilities like cleaning.

Don’t stress out about picking a major. One of the great things about being in college is having the freedom to do some exploring to find potential careers and hobbies. Most students won’t choose the major they actually want until their sophomore year anyway.

Fight the freshman 15 and stay active by utilizing Webster’s workout facilities, and be sure to eat healthy as well! Even dining on campus has plenty of healthy options.

• A little bit of personal hygiene can go a long way, so maintain your appearance. Don’t show up to class in last night’s outfit looking and smelling like a mess, it won’t win anybody over and looking good is always a plus.

Tips contributed by Macy Salama, Gabe Burns and Kavahn Mansouri.

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