Webster working on agreement with university in China


At the beginning of the fall 2013 semester, Webster University signed a student exchange agreement with Harbin University in China, according to a Webster Today article. Harbin students would complete two years in the school’s undergraduate program and would finish their last two years at Webster’s home campus.

Webster faculty and staff traveled to China at the beginning of March to “continue preparations” for the program.

The students participating in the program are studying to be K-12 English language teachers. Their last two years will be at Webster University’s School of Education. According to Webster Today, the program “is designed to help the students become fluent in the English language” and “gain additional skill in the art of teaching.”

Credits will transfer from Harbin to Webster in the students’ junior year. According to Webster Today, the students will graduate with one Bachelor of Arts from Harbin and one from Webster, giving them a double bachelor’s degree.

Senior Provost Julian Schuster said the agreement with the university will benefit Webster’s students in a Webster Today article.

“Webster is a truly international university, one that recognizes the value of creating global citizens prepared for the increasingly connected world that awaits them,” Schuster said. “This agreement will further increase our student’s exposure to different cultures and values and enhance their understanding of how the citizens of the world interact.”

Schuster signed documents with Harbin Vice President Fan Qian on Aug. 8, 2013. At that point, both universities were expecting students to arrive at Webster in 2014.

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